Saturday, March 1, 2008


I haven't been doing anything interesting. Just reading and trying to manage my GI condition. I ordered some books from AMAZON. Because I can buy them for less than the local bookstore. One would think Barnes & Co. would catch on.
I was antsy again and had my Hb. take me for a drive again. It was a lovely sunny day. Like clouds of pink, so many of the trees are blooming now. Really pretty. Also, the white trees are like clouds caught in branches, holding fast so the bloom can be enjoyed by all who look. And few clumps of daffodils here and there.
I would love to go to a store and browse. But, there is FLU out there yet. And we didn't get our flu shot. I was always too sick from my GI. And they won't give it if you are sick anyway.
There is to be some fog and clouds this weekend, but, next week will be nice again.
I was only able to take two very short walks. I tried for more, but, my muscles just said, no.
I get that nesting thing in the Spring, and in the Fall, I'm restless and want to g-o-o-o.
I used to channel that into being creative and making things. I haven't even written a poem in months, I think. I just write in my journal and do some drawing and collage pieces in it. And I write for the blog. Blog is such an awkward word. Even the spell check tries to do something with it.

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