Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In one my previous posts, I told about how my older brother and I lost our soft toys.
Well, these are successful surviors of the measles. I got the 'big' measles at the beginning of summer vacation. The summer between the 6th and seventh grade. I got them from someone in town.
I was quite sick and spent two weeks in bed. In low light, semi-darkness. When my fever finally broke, I was bored and asked for something to play with. I told Mom, I didn't want my doll or monkey, because I might lose them. She said what else is there? Oh, how about my horse figures. They can be washed and sterilized with some Lysol. Mom blinked and said, oh, yeah. Ok. So, I played with my horses and I didn't break them because, I was still in bed. I only played with one or two at a time. Had a lot of horse adventures. Wish I could remember some of the imaginary adventures so I could write them down. The pink horse is: Pinky, the palomino is: Twinkle Toes,
The pony on front left is: Patches, and the one front right is: Lady.
I came through the measles ok. No left over side affects.
Then, poor Mom, my baby brother came down with them. And he was a terror. House arrest for his time. Because, he wouldn't stay in bed. So, Mom dressed him warm and we kept all the blinds down. And we had to lock the doors.

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