Saturday, April 12, 2008


Goodness, but, I just can't seem to get excited enough about anything to write about.
Very dull, I have 'finally' figured out why it has always been hard for me to get back to making my little projects. I take too long to make something. I guess I have a short attention span. I become bored, and then I just have to do something else, And I get in a hurry and I can't hurry, or the item would not be worth saving. What I have had to do is get myself to a point, of being calm and centered, so I could then apply myself . And I have to get myself interested again.
It has always seemed, that when I get started on a project, all goes well for a day or two, maybe three, if I'm lucky, Then 'BOOM'!!! Something, ALWAYS, happens to break up my peace. Always, and ever. Therefore, I guess, I end up becoming reluctant to start again.
Drawing is one of the things I can do, that be done quickly, in between interruptions. Another was to do a water color. I could do something in five minutes. I do Chinese style brush painting.
It was much more so at home. In my own home I had a little more control. However, time for myself, was always hard to maintain. Life has always been too much with me.
Now, I fill the time with reading. Playing on my computer and watching tv. Only I do find I watch TV a lot less. There is getting to be more and more that is just plain crap, and therefore, less and less to watch. Programming in the line of animal house, appealing to the dumbed down young people. Grossness, no manners and disgusting behavior, seems to rule.
But that is another story. I'll vent later.

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