Thursday, July 24, 2008


I ought to have taken a picture of the mischief. But, I was too surprised.
I have a very hard time sleeping. So, awhile back, I had gotten up around 6 o' clock am. I decided to go see if the paper had come. I stepped outside and was completely startled, there were crackers all over the place. And I thought, what? Crackers, where , what-who? Then my brain started to work, and 'oh', Hb. must have forgot and left some in the garage. He usually puts them in our storage area, that has a locked door. So, I went on into the garage, and OH! MY! GOODNESS! There was a half destructed 12 pack case of crackers that been attacked and chewed open. What a mess!! I knew raccoons were destructive, but, wow! There were crackers all over the place, all around the garage, strewn across the main entry and a box scattered down the walk. I even found some out across the side lawn and even out on the outside of the patio, I found three boxes in the case,that hadn't been touched. They were in the middle. I was able to salvage them.
So, I went and woke up Hb. so he could sweep up the mess, before the other two occupants of the tri-plex got up. I wasn't able to help, because, I had been having bad dizzy spells. And I wasn't able to move around too much. What a thing to wake up to.

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